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Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations

Resources for minority representation in fandom

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Name:Infinite diversity, Infinite combinations
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Community description:Diversity in fandom
The goal for this community is to be a central link resource for the many communities, websites, archives and collections of fanwork that focus on generally overlooked minority groups.

It is not a place for generating original content, but rather an index or resource site to act as a central clearing house to find the scattered communities on DW, LJ, independent sites, Archive of Our Own and so on.

Welcome minority groups or focuses include (but are not limited to, necessarily): disability, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, age (within legal limits) and gender. I welcome suggestions on other areas of focus but reserve the right of final decision.

Fanworks include text, visual media, meta, critique of canon or fanon, craft, conventions and so on.

Note: I'm not some specialist in minority studies or etc, so I'm sure my language is not always going to be the current best practices, or I'm overlooking some group or focus. I welcome suggestions on how to better manage language, but reserve the right to final decision.
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